As well as personalising your wine to the extent that you choose, we propose a series of activities and celebrations so that you share your experiences with other creators of their own wines: wine tasting courses with different levels and different styles: you will be able to sample directly from the deposits or the barrels, sample the same wine from different harvests to see how it evolves, tasting of defects, blind tasting…, blending sessions, or coupage, of different wines, wine and food matching, all types of excursions in the Somontano territory and surrounding area, whether you prefer adventure or tranquillity, or culture...or perhaps all of them. Come along to the area's great wine festival at the beginning of August, the Wine Festival of Somontano, a combination of wines, delicious "tapas" and open air music …. it's sure that you will want to come again!

Moreover, and as is only right and proper for any wine lover, we celebrate three annual festivals in the three crucial moments in the cycle of the elaboration of your wines.

Birth of the grape, spring: come and see it, discover how the pruning influences the final result of the wine through explanations right in the vineyard, find out what local meat tastes like cooked in the embers of vine shoots in the vineyard itself, perform your own green pruning and enjoy the idyllic Somontano countryside taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather ….

The harvest, autumn: come and harvest the grapes that will be transformed into your wine, participate in their sorting before they are brought into the wine cellar, see the fermentation of the wine..... You can also visit the Pyrenees around Huesca, with its autumnal colours, something that you will not be able to forget, and enjoy again the magnificent traditional gastronomy to recover from a hard day's harvesting.

Launch of the young wines, winter: finally you will be able to see what the grapes that you have seen grow and vinificate have been converted into. You can participate in the Fair of the Candelera, an ancient celebration full of life that is celebrated in Barbastro at the beginning of February, and take advantage of the best of the winter: the snow, if you are a skier and if not, take cover and rest in the spa.

Both for the activities and the celebrations, you only need to concern yourself with finding a gap in your diary, WineTuning will put you up in one of the best establishments in the region, just a few kilometres away from the wine cellar, and because you are part of WineTuning you will be given very favourable conditions.